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Ionia, Heraclea Ad. Lat., AR Tetrobol, c.mid-2nd Century B.C., NGC- VF

US$ 400

Byzantine Empire Gold Solidus, Heraclius & Her.Constantine, AD 613-641, NGC AU

US$ 650

Athens, Attica, Hemiobol, 449-413 BC

US$ 200

Roman, Nero, Sestertius, 54-68 AD

US$ 1,200

Byzantine Empire Gold Solidus, Justinian I, AD 527-565, NGC MS

US$ 800

Parthia, Phraates IV, Drachm, 38-2 BC

US$ 110

Parthia, Mithradates I, Drachm, 171-138 BC

US$ 235

Pamphylia, Side, c.380-333 BC, AR Stater, NGC- XF

US$ 450

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